This month’s cheese box is a little unusual. Firstly, it looks a little different because we’ve partnered with NZ Cheese. They’re helping us out with distribution (and they sell wonderful cheeses online too!).

Secondly, there won’t be any cheese stories in your boxes because our printers have shut up shop for the lockdown – that’s why we’re giving you the info on the delicious treats in your cheese box right here in this email.

And finally, this box contains cheese made from four different types of animal milk. Whaaattt? Yes, you heard us right – it’ a veritable menagerie in your mouth. Enjoy!



This pure white marinated buffalo cheese is a high protein, high calcium cheesy delight. It’s super creamy, light and tangy in flavour and makes for excellent lockdown snacking. Eat it on crackers, mixed through pasta, or choose our preferred method and eat by the spoonful, while wearing pyjamas at midday.



Grinning Gecko are award winning cheese makers based in Northland, who use traditional methods to produce delicious, delicious cheese. This cheese is a delightful, firm cheese with gouda-ish overtones made from the milk of Ayrshire cows.

Ayrshire cows are one of the world’s most productive dairy breeds, with some Ayrshire cows having been recorded as producing in excess of 8,500 litres of milk per year. That is about 80 bathtubs full of milk.



Okay, here’s a curveball. We don’t know which cheese you’ve got. It could be the Yellowstone, it could be the Harvest Moon. It’s the Russian roulette of cheese (but all of the outcomes are good)!

While cheese makers are primary producers and are considered an essential service, the current COVID-19 situation has created a few bumps in the supply chain, so to make things easier for our artisan cheese-makers, and to make sure no cheese is left behind, we’ve taken a bit of both of these cheeses this month.

The Harvest Moon is a washed rind cheese that’s rich, creamy and semi-soft, washed in a local beer as it matures until it develops a sticky, salty orange rind.

The Yellowstone is a new cheese, washed in Brave Brewing Milk Stout. It has more delicate flavours and a subtle hint of cacao. Enjoy!



The final cheese in this month’s box is a pungent sucker. Thorvald make excellent cheeses, and this sheep’s blue is no exception. It’s a semi-soft cheese with a naturally occurring rind and gentle blue flavours that strengthen over time.

I’d tell you to let it sit for a couple of weeks, but we all know you’re going to eat it as soon as it arrives. Try it with a sweet, fruity wine or a dark ale (breweries and wineries are also essential services).

Good luck and stay safe out there cheese lovers, and don’t forget to order your May cheese boxes, to celebrate Mother’s Day, the end of lockdown, or just to eat well and support local.

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